Concrete Sealing

Looking for concrete sealing in Saskatoon?

Concrete sealing can help prevent damage that occurs because of our harsh Canadian weather and standard use.

Our concrete sealer service protects from wear and tear and adverse Saskatoon weather. We power wash, detail, and seal the cement surface for a diamond finish with our proven sealant. 

Driveway sealer is an investment that will pay for itself and keep your concrete looking great for years to come!

Applications for sealing concrete:

concrete sealing

Our experience is among the highest in Saskatoon, going back as far as 2002. Stripping a driveway is almost impossible. It is best to hire a compatible dealer the first time! The wrong one could ruin your concrete. An experienced professional can read the moisture levels and know how to proceed. This goes a long way to ensure the sealant will do its job.

There is no substitute for proper cleaning techniques. Our spot-repair process for stamped concrete is unbeatable.

Concrete Sealing: How Often is Necessary?

Regular resurfacing keeps concrete surfaces protected, functioning well and looking spectacular. There are many factors at play, each one affecting how often you’ll need to redo it. Each sealing lasts one to three years. It is good practice to access the situation every year or every second year. Check your driveway, patio, stairs and any other concrete hardscaping features. You chose decorative concrete for its beauty. Ensure it always looks great!

Four indicators that it’s resealing time

  • Fading from UV exposure
  • Colour changes
  • Stains from dirt, tire tracks, oil, etc.
  • Water soaking into the concrete instead of beading up

Which sealant is best to use?

This is a reseal service. It is most important that the sealant be compatible with whatever is already on the driveway.

High-gloss solvent-based acrylic sealers work well on decorative concrete. They are waterproof, non-yellowing, dustproof, and resistant to stains like oil and grease.

Are gripping additives necessary?

We have developed a special finishing technique that eliminates slipperiness. There is no need for a gripping agent when it is a driveway that we installed. It is often necessary when resealing other contractors’ work. We judge it case-by-case.

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