Fake Rocks

Decorate your yard with boulders

Farmers pulled rocks out their fields so they could get a better yield. The stones became markers, walls and decorative objects. Adding fake rocks into your landscaping is like adding history into the story of your home. It helps connect us to the earth and adds variety and texture.

Decorating with stones is not unique to the prairies. Boulders like ours are the focal points of Japanese rock gardens. Large stones have had significance for as far back as any of us know. This is what makes them so versatile.

Are you country? No problem. A zen minimalist? We’ve got you covered. You can go tropical, tribal, neo-classical or anything in between.

Applications for fake rocks:

Natural-Looking Boulders

Hand-carved to look like a natural stone

STDC now offers custom coloured boulders as accents to our stamped concrete. Fake rocks are great on a patio for sitting, holding the drink tray or flower pots. They can be used for jumping off into the pool or just looking great. Our lightweight boulders mean no heavy equipment is required to move or relocate the boulders. Limited quantities in peak season.

fake rocks for landscaping

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